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My name is Ladislava Kotačková (Ladka).

I love the world pleasant and happy, full of vibrant colors that bring joy and positive thinking.
I want my paintings to improve people´s mood.

During the whole year, I take photo´s of interesting nooks, clusters of houses, their tie with nature and composition which nicely form together and later I paint them . The closest to my heart are scenic Komňa (my forgoing residence and birthplace of my ancestors), appealing Bojkovice (my childhood) and charismatic Hluk (twenty years of business and my current residence).These three places are the most important places of my life and often an inspiration to my paintings.

Though my paintings have two forms - one holds on these characteristic places, the other wants to play with abstract landscapes and colours. Since 1995 my paintings found its owners in different parts of the world. In addition to 30 drawings, 50 paintings are located in the Netherlands, but some also in Portugal, Sweden, Denmark, USA and Canada, and of course over 70 of my paintings are in the Czech Republic, some are also located in public areas.

When you look at my paintings my aim is that you will get more joy and optimism.

Study and professors who influenced me::
Study in Palacky University in Olomouc : Ladislav Rusek (drawing), Zdeněk Přikryl (sculpture), great art historian František Dvořák...
Univerzity in Brno: Miroslav Štolfa, Zdeňka Hohmová (painting), Leonid Ochrymčuk, Ladislav Otáhal (grafic, ceramic, sculpture) ...


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